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For thousands of years the Neolithic civilization of Europe constructed ever more complex stone monuments. Initially dismissed as “illiterate barbarians,” only recently has a radical reappraisal taken place, giving birth to the new science of Archaeo-Astronomy.

Far from being “savages”, the Neolithic were highly intelligent, integrating a spiritual world view with extraordinarily skilled feats of engineering and astronomy, laying the foundations of modern science.

Ancient Skies features timelapse, CGI, never-before-seen alignment events, and interviews with the some of the most respected academics in the field to explore this fascinating subject and the enduring popularity of the legacy of our ancestors.

Produced by Sky-Skan Europe GmbH

Runtime: 46 min (short version 25 min)

Audience: Suitable for grades 4 and up

Educational Resources: Ancient Skies Guide, Stonehenge Eclipse Cycle

Ancient Skies was made possible by the generous donation of the WCC International Education Committee.