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Lanihuli Observatory supports both astronomical and meteorological education and research for the college's astronomy classes, Hawai‘i Space Grant students and the general public. Its community outreach efforts include a visitor's gallery.

Astronomical Telescopes:

  • Optical: Meade LX200 16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • Solar: Meade LXD55 6" refractor with 8" flat mirrors and SolarMax 90mm H-Alpha filter
  • Radio: Log-periodic radio antenna used primarily for the NASA Radio JOVE project
  • Cosmic Ray: Detector used primarily for the QuarkNet project

Meteorological Instrument:

  • NOAA Tracking Station: Telonic's Tris system to track NOAA weather satellites
  • Weather Station: Weather gauges for monitoring local weather conditions at the campus

Visitor's Gallery:

  • Magic Planet: Interactive videos displayed on a 2-foot diameter globe
  • Computer kiosks: Computer stations with interactive software about astronomy and the weather
  • Models & Library: Display models and a small library on astronomy