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Cosmic collisions are a universal force of nature, both destructive and creative.

Dynamic and dazzling, they have created many things we take for granted—the glowing Moon, the Sun’s warmth and light, our changing seasons, and waves washing up on a sandy shore. They’ve ended the age of the dinosaurs and changed the very map of the cosmos, reforming galaxies and giving birth to new stars and new worlds.

Produced in partnership with NASA, Cosmic Collisions relies on AMNH’s Digital Universe, an unparalleled database containing over three billion stars, and on data and visualizations from the world’s top astrophysics and research institutions.

Cosmic Collisions provides an unprecedented and extraordinary view of these catastrophic and constructive events that have shaped our world and universe.

Produced by American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

Narrated by Robert Redford

Runtime: 23 min

Audience: grades 4 and up

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