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How It Was Told to Me: Maori Legends from New Zealand is a unique collection of three short animations, each retelling a Maori legend of the southern skies, in a theatrical, creative and engaging way.

The Creation Story is speaks of how Ranginui the Sky Father and Papatuanuku the Earth Mother were pushed apart by Tumatauenga and Tane Mahuta, thus bring light for the first time into their once world of darkness.

Rona and the Moon tells the story of how Marama, the Moon, came to look the way it does in the southern skies today.

The Great Waka tells the story of how a fisherman, Tamareriti, created the Milky Way and constellations, and for the first time brought light to the Southern night skies.

Produced by OHU Domes

Runtime: 17 min

Audience: suitable for grades K and up