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This show intertwines science and mythology to take audiences on a poetic journey showing how the Mayans have viewed and understood the Universe throughout their history. The visuals are stunning, giving the viewer the impression of being inside a beautiful stylistic painting.

In a feast of colours and sounds, Mayan Archaeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe makes a tour of 6 Mayan temples: San Gervasio, Chichen Itzá, Uxmal, Edzná, Palenque and Bonampak where the spectator dives into a Mayan world of knowledge about the importance of the orientations of its temples in relation to the movement of some stars like the Sun, the Moon and Venus.

Mayan Archaeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe is the first movie for fulldome completely animated made in Mexico.

Produced by Frutos Digitales with European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Narrated by Sara Mendes Da Costa

Runtime: 20 min

Audience: suitable for grades 4 and up

Foreign Language: available in Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese