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For thousands of years, mankind thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe. Thanks to our curiosity, imagination and urge to explore, we now know that planets like our Earth are nothing special in the cosmos. The Sun is just one ordinary star among hundreds of billions in our galaxy, the Milky Way. With the world’s most powerful telescopes, we are able to explore more and more of the Universe. What we have found so far has surpassed even the wildest expectations of scientists as well as authors of science fiction. Most stars have planets — it turns out they are more common than we thought. A huge diversity of different worlds is out there, just waiting to be discovered.

The show features the primitive science fiction of early civilizations, the future space missions that will observe the Universe in greater-than-ever detail, and travel to the surfaces and oceans of moons in our Solar System.

Produced by Verkehrshaus Planetarium; Swiss Museum of Transportation

Narrated by Anne Wilde & Trevor John Roling

Runtime: 30 min

Audience: suitable for grades 4 and up