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Learn the constellations from the deck of the pirate ship Pilfer.  Captain Jake and his first-mate Jasper are no ordinary pirates.  They’re sky pirates who sail across space and steal the stars.

One night, two children watch as the pirates steal Leo, the Big Dipper and Orion.  Captured by the pirates, the children and the audience journey through space, all the while trying to escape and return the constellations to the sky.  Designed especially for children in grades K-4, this show is a beginner’s guide on how to find the constellations.

Originally created by the Hansen Planetarium in 1986, this legacy show was re-mastered and converted into fulldome format at the Hōkūlani Imaginarium in 2023.

Directed by: Joseph Ciotti

Produced by: Hōkūlani Imaginarium

Legacy Show (1986): Hansen Planetarium
             in affiliation with Evans & Sutherland

Runtime: 31 min

Audience: suitable for grades K - 4