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Hawaii Space Grant Consortium Project 

In 1999 a dipole antenna to initially installed on the lawn adjacent to Lanihuli Iki Observatory. This Hawaii Space Grant project was undertaken by two WCC students (Mark Hedley and Cassie Mason) under the mentorship of affiliate radio astronomer Richard Flagg, Peter Brown, Jim Sky and Joseph Ciotti.
(left to right) Cassie Mason, Mark Hedley, Richard Flagg


Putting up the Tower and the Antenna (2000)

In 2000, the dipole was replaced by a log-periodic antenna mounted on a trussel tower.

Original Diople Mount erected in 1999 - Peter Brown leveling the dipole mount. Mark Hedley and Cassie Mason resting after digging the hole. This initial system was replaced a year later with the log-periodic antenna.

Installing the Log-Periodic from the ground up in 2000 - Mark Hedley putting the finishing touches on the 4 x 4 x 4 foot hole that will contain rebar and 2.5 cubic yards of concrete to support the log-periodic antenna tower.

The footing & trussel - Thomas and Mark nearby the trussel tower firmly secured to the concrete rebarred footing.

Dr. Joseph Ciotti on the temporary scaffolding -  just prior to the installation of the rotator and thrust bearing for the new antenna.

Margo (at Kat's General Repairs, Honolulu) - turning out parts for the antenna mount.

Jim Sky - installing software on one of the observatory computers.