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History of Magnetism and Lodestone  (2:45 min)

Magnetic Field  (5:08 min)

Neodymium Magnet (1:48 min)

Lenz's Law of Electromagnetic Induction  (4:38 min)

Gas Discharge Tube and Discovery of Electron  (4:48 min)

Oersted's Law and Electromagnets  (4:22 min)

Faraday's Law and Generators  (7:44 min)

Optical Illusions  (2:42 min)

Law of Reflection  (3:40 min)

Law of Refraction  (3:13 min)

Polarization  (4:56 min)

Interference and Diffraction  (6:48 min)


DEMOS: Visualizing Scientific Concepts

Scientific Method (36:27 min)

Art and Science of Rainbows  (18:20 min)

How Much is a Newton of Force? (0:15 min)

How Much is a Joule of Work?  (1:25 min)

How Big is a Radian Angle? (4:03 min)

AC vs DC Current War  (2:35 min)

Periodic Table and Nomenclature  (9:17 min)

History and Properties of the Atomic Nucleus (6:20 min)

How Large is the Earth and Ocean   (2:08 min)

What is Viscosity   (3:00 min)