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Instead of sitting under the dome of our Imaginarium theater, sit comfortably at home and choose your own short sky tour to watch. Check back each week in 2020 for a new video!

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Three Missions to Mars

During February 2021, three separate science missions will be arriving at the Red Planet. Emirates Mars Mission, the Hope Probe, arrives February 7th. Tianwen-1 arrives Feb 9th, and will land a rover in May 2021. And, Mars 2020, the Perseverance rover, arrives February 18th.
See more great links to content about Mars, NASA, and our solar system, and to watch the live event for Perseverance's arrival at the Red Planet:

Mars 2020 event schedule (news, Q&A, countdown, and post-landing events)

JPL on YouTube and NASA on YouTube (live event coverage, and lots of extra videos)

Behind the Spacecraft (Perseverance project team)

The Deep Space Network (current missions and communication antennas)

NASA TV (round-the-clock programming about the universe and space exploration)

Eyes On The Solar System (click to use online, or click here to download for more features)

Mars Trek (Interactive satellite map of the planet Mars)

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The Evening Sky - February

We look at the moon and planets in the month of February. We also meet the stars of the Winter Hexagon, and name the stars in the navigators' starline Ke Kā O Makali'i.


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December 2020 Great Conjunction

Learn all about what's happening between Jupiter and Saturn this month: What is a conjunction? How often do they happen? How can we see this one?
Also, check out the online tool "TheSkyLive" which we used to visualize orbits,
and NASA's tips on how to photograph the conjunction.

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The Evening Sky - December

For December, we look at the phases of the moon, where to look for Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars in the evening, and mention the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that will be very visible in late December.
If you are in South America, you may be lucky enough to witness the Solar Eclipse this month, too.
The entire world can enjoy the the Perseid Meteor Shower mid-month.
Finally, we discuss the December Solstice.

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The Evening Sky - October

This month, we have a good opportunity to see Mercury at sunset for the first two weeks. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are easily visible in the evening. We introduce the Hawai'ian constellation 'Iwa Keli'i. And, we discuss the phases of the Moon this month, including the bonus full moon on Halloween.

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The September Equinox

In September, the Fall Equinox occurs here in Hawai'i. Is is true that day and night are the same length on an Equinox? And what else makes it so special?

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Finding Hokupa'a, the North Star

Have you ever found the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, or North Star in the night sky? We'll help you learn how to look for them -- and start learning how to navigate around Earth with just the stars!

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The Evening Sky - September 2020

There are three planets that are easy to see in the evening sky this month before midnight. Plus, for half of the month, there's no moon in the evening, leaving a nice, dark sky that's good for seeing faint objects.

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Introduction to the Virtual Sky - September 2020

Looking at the stars on a screen is a different experience from looking at them outside, or sitting in a planetarium. This video helps explain how to match up what you see on screen with what you'd see under the real sky.

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