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The Hōkūlani Imaginarium and Center for Aerospace Education want to interest as many of you as possible in science and technology -- working with it, playing with it, or just having fun learning about it! We have made many friends who share these same goals, and some of them have asked us to share their own videos with you! Below, you can watch some of the special "Feature Presentations" created by other teams that share our love of Earth and Space.

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Expedition: Earth

To Space and Back

Expedition: Earth

Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia has been producing movies and visualizations about science, especially astrononmy, for over 10 years. Their Swinburne Astronomy Productions team has made IMAX and 3D movies and more, and they have their own 3D theater for public shows.

In this latest AstroTour movie we journey through space in search of more planets like Earth. Join us as we learn how to find new planets using inspiration from the past. Realise the power of the Kepler Space Telescope and how it discovered thousands of new worlds. With the clues Kepler gave us we continue our quest to find a possible new home.

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To Space and Back

Sky-Skan, from Nashua, New Hampshire, is the company that set up all the equipment in our own Imaginarium -- video projectors, computers, speakers, and all the special effects. They have been creating planetarium experiences for more than 50 years, and have partnered with many famous museums and institutions to produce original, educational planetarium shows.

To Space & Back is narrated by James May, a voice you may be familiar with. This show describes many innovations that have come from space exploration and now affect our daily lives here on Earth.
Watch To Space And Back on the Sky-Skan website.