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Come-Back Rover: ARLISS 2022

Honolulu—Windward Community College
Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium

About the ARLISS Competition

The ARLISS 2022 event is an opportunity for universities around the world to participate in several different competitions. The event, which spans over several days, will be held at Black Rock, Nevada from September 12-15, followed by the XPRS event from Sep 16-18, 2022.

Project Imua Mission 11 is a collaboration of Windward CC and Honolulu CC students/mentors, who will participate at the annual ARLISS (A Rocket Launch for Student Satellites) and XPRS (eXtreme Performance Rocket Ships) launch events hosted by AEROPAC. 

Team members

Winward CC:  Jacob Hudson, Jr. (Windward CC mentor) and student (Nikki Arakawa)

Honolulu CC:  Shidong Kan (mentor), Ms. Helen Rapozo (mentor) and students (Caleb Yuen, D’Elle Martin & Alyson Wirtz )

Project Imua Director/Manager: Joseph Ciotti (Windward CC)

Mission goals

  1. Windward CC will launch custom-built rocket at the ARLISS 2022 Come-Back competition. On board the rocket are:
    1. a Land Rover designed and assembled by Windward CC that will land by parachute and autonomously make its way to a predesignated target on the playa (Come-Back competition)
    2. an Atmospheric Detector designed and assembled by Honolulu CC that will collect data during the rocket flight
  2. Earning of rocketry certification by the National Association of Rocketry (NRA)
    1. 3 students (Caleb Yuen, D’Elle Martin & Alyson Wirtz ) and 2 mentors ( Shidong Kan and Ms. Helen Rapozo) will launch their own custom-built rockets to earn a Level 1 NRA rocketry certification
    2. 4 students (Nikki Arawaka, Caleb Yuen, D’Elle Martin & Alyson Wirtz ) and mento ( Shidong Kan will launch their own custom-built rockets to earn a Level 2 NRA rocketry certification


Project Imua Mission 11 is funded under Hawaii Space Grant Consortium.

News release and video on Mission 11

     •  UH Community College team launches student-built rocket in competition