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Project Imua Mission 3 involved the development of a small payload named PrIMEAT ("Project Imua Multiple Experiment Attemtpt Two") that carried an improved sublimation rocket that was deployed at apogee along with video cameras and IMU detectors. This Mission participated in RockSat-X 2017. PrIMEAT was successfully launched into space on a sub-orbital trajectory from NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia in August 13, 2017.

Windward students along with a student from Kauai CC developed an improved micro-thrust rocket (ScubeR). Mission 3’s rocket sub-system included an added heating coil to accelerate sublimation and a re-oriented Hammerhead look-back camera system to photograph the full length of the CarRoLL once ScubeR was released at agogee. The look-back camera was disconnected prior to integration due to WiFi regulations. Mission 3 was conducted in collaboration with HonCC that developed camera monitors and various sensors.

View/Download the Mission 3 Final Report (pdf)

Virtual Reality 360 Views of Payload

PrIMEAT with ScubeR attached

PrIMEAT after ScubeR is released

ScubeR (horizontal orientation)

ScubeR (vertical orientation)


Video: Past the Atmosphere—Success, Failure & Rocket Science

Video of RockSat-X 2016's prep and launch of PrIME at Wallops Flight Facility (Aug 2016)

NOTE: PrIMEAT is a modified and enhanced replacement of PrIME which was lost during RockSat-X's recovery in Aug 2016


Payload specs:

      Dimension of Housing: approximately 10.75" x 11" x 5.0"

      Weight with baseplate: 15.1 lbs

      Material: aluminum 6061 and lead ballast


     •  ScubeR — sublimation rocket (WinCC) with nosecose Hammerhead cameras (KauCC)

        Dimensions: 19.5 cm long by 4 cm in diameter; Weight: ~250 g with naphthalene propellant

     •  Mobius Video and Still Cameras (HonCC)

     •  IMU [9-axis motion detector with pressure device] (HonCC)



     •  acronym for "Project Imua Multiple Experiment Attempt Two”

     •  pronounced "primate"

PrIMEAT with ScubeR (top view)

PrIMEAT with ScubeR (top view)

PrIMEAT without ScubeR (top view)

  PrIMEAT without ScubeR (top view)