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The Project Imua teams are dedicated to furthering aerospace education with younger students. This page will be updated as the teams find and participate in more educational outreach events and activities.

Windward Ho'olaule'a Fall 2018

During the 18th Annual Windward Ho'olaule'a Celebration, the Windward CC and Honolulu CC teams ran the Aerospace Education tent. The teams led K–12 students through a paper rocket launch, while discussing basic aerodynamics with the students. Young students were able to test which nose cone and fin designs produced the highest and most stable flights.

Kids taking turns launching the stop rocket

The Aerospace Education tent was up and running from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During the festival, roughly 400 students were led through the creation and testing of the paper rockets.

The Project Imua teams will continue to host demonstrations for students in the future, and there are other science based demonstrations happening every year.

Monthly Rocket Launches

The Windward CC team hosts model rocket launches on the third Saturday of every month, and the Honolulu CC team hosts model rocket launches on the first Saturday of every month, each on their respective campuses. Any educators interested in bringing their students to a model rocket launch can contact Dr. Hudson for information about the Windward CC launches and Helen Rapozo for information about the Honolulu CC launches. Their contact information can be found on the Contact page.

students in a gravelly lot ready to launch a small rocket student placing a small rocket on the launcher on the Great Lawn at Windward CC

Apo11o Family Spacefest 2019

On July 20. 1969, WCC's CAE hosted the Apo11o Family Spacefest in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the moon. Among the numerous activities at the fesartival was a stomp rocket building activity sponsored by the Project Imua student team.

kids playing in the grass taking turns launching a stomp rocket large rocket on display on the lawn during the Apo11o Family Spacefest

Online Links

Listen up students! There are alot of space games out there, and naturally Project Imua mentors and students have some favorites. Try them out and you might just learn something!

Play Moonlander

Moonlander is an arcade style game that tests your rocket landing skills. You attempt to land your rocket on the moon using the arrow keys to maneuver and slow down your rocket in time.

Screenshot of Mainlander. Black Atari-looking style game with line mounting and a small rocket

Bishop Museum

The Bishop Museum offers a number of STEM programs, demonstrations and activities. They offer planetarium shows for all ages, Science on a Sphere Programs for Pre-K through 8th grade, and a variety of exhibits. Visit the Bishop Museum website for more information.

NASA Education for Students: Current Opportunities

The NASA website details current opportunites for students of all ages, including fellowships and internships, lectures and webcasts, competitions, workshops, contests, and activites specific to K–8 students. Visit the NASA website for more information.