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RockSat-X 2022

Honolulu Community College
Windward Community College
Assets High School
Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium

Project Imua Mission 10 involves the development of a small payload that carries an improved sublimation rocket (ScubeR) with camphor fuel that is to be deployed at apogee. Mobius video and still photo cameras will monitor ScubeR flight after deployment. In additio, the payload includes two IMUs as well as a gyroscopi sensor and magnetometer. An Artemis CubeSat, which was providerd by UH Manaoa's Hawaii Space Flight Lab (HSFL), has also been integrated onto the payload deck as a proof-of-flight test. The Mission 10 team, includes students from Honolulu Community College, Windward Community College and Assets High Schoo, is participated in CoSGC's RockSat-X 2022 program. Mission 10's payload is scheduled for launch into space on a sub-orbital trajectory from NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia in August 2022.

Virtual Reality 360 Views of Payload

Payload with ScubeR attached

ScubeR (horizontal orientation)


Payload specs:

      Dimension of Housing: approximately 10.75" x 11" x 5.0"

      Weight with baseplate: 14.75 lbs

      Material: aluminum 6061 and lead and washer ballast


     •  ScubeR — sublimation rocket (WinCC)

        Dimensions: 10 cm long by 4 cm in diameter; nozzle opening 0.23 cm

        Weight: ~250 g with camphor propellant

     •  Mobius Video and Stil Photl Cameras (HonCC)

     •  IMU [9-axis motion detector with gyroscope and magnetometer] (HonCC)

     •  Artemis CubeSat (Assets High School)

Payload views:

Project Imua Mission 10 Payload with ScubeR (front view)

front view of the payload

Project Imua Mission 10 Payload without ScubeR (top view)

top view of the payload

ScubeR (side view)

side view of the ScubeR