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RockSat-X 2022

Project Imua Mission 10 involves the design, assembly, integration and testing of a multi-experiment payload that was flown under the RockSat-X 2022 program.

Project Imua 10 Logo

WCC once again collaborated with HonCC on the development of a payload that was launched in sub-orbital flight by a NASA sounding rocket (Terrier-Improved Malemulte) from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on August 11, 2022. The WCC team designed a camphor-powered sublimation rocket that was released at apogee (99 miles altitude). The HonCC team designed a camera system and IMU devices that monitored the sublimation rocket’s motion. In addition, two students from Assets School assembled an Artemis CubeSat kit provided by HSFL that was test flown as part of this payload.

Specs on Mission 10 Payload ScubeR deployment

Press articles and videos on Mission 10

The following documents outline the year-long review process for certifying the payload:

  1. CoDR: Concept of Design Review (pdf)
  2. PDR: Preliminary Design Review (pdf)
  3. CDR: Criterial Design Review (pdf)
  4. STR: Subsystem Test Review (pdf)
  5. ISTR: Integrated Subsystem Test Review (pdf)
  6. FMSR: Full Mission Simulation Review (pdf)
  7. Final Report: RS-X 2022 Project Imua Mission 10 (pdf)

Windward CC & Honolulu CC and Assets High School Team

Mission 10 Team photo two assets High School students

Mission 10 Organizational Chart (pdf)